Scores available on a pay-what-you-can basis. Would love to know of performances/questions via my contact page. <3

an incomplete autobiography (2018 - 2021) for four hands, two pianos
Poison Sonnets (2017) for mezzo-voice and piano
Being and nothingness (2017) for violin, piano, and tape
Meditation (2013) for cello and piano

My name isn't an inconvenience... (2021) for solo piano (hard version)
My name isn't an inconvenience... (2021) for solo piano (easy version)
Suite for solo cello (2021) for cello
three distant moods (2020) for flute and commissioned by Devon Jaquez
quantum kush (2020) for any
through the smoke, still (2018) for contrabass clarinet
Hesperides (2015) for piano

an ode to Robert Duncan (2020) for string quartet
sax quartet (2019) for sax quartet
home (2018) for string quartet
congested history (2016) for piano trio and Aztec death whistle
Unclaimed (2017) for woodwind quintet, movement, and tape
xenoglossia (2016) for vocal quartet, movement, and tape